Councils and Work Teams

Annually NYSRA works to develop of our public policy agenda with the involvement of our members.  As such, NYSRA encourages members to participate in any of our three Councils in the following areas:


Managed Care and 

Data Outcomes & Metrics

Councils will meet as issues present themselves in our field for review and discussion.  Meetings will be scheduled as needed but at least quarterly throughout the year.  Scheduled as needed and requested by members, Work Teams (see below) to each of the Council will form and meet.  Each council meeting is an opportunity for members to review programmatic, regulatory and budgetary issues that define the quality and financing of service delivery for people with disabilities. The Council also provides leadership around major issues that are regularly communicated back to the membership.

Councils offer members a voice and an opportunity to actively participate in shaping the structure and policy that defines the operations, quality and financing of service delivery for people with disabilities.

Council Functions:

  • Drive the ideas for the development of the overall policy agenda for NYSRA;

  • Meet no less than quarterly, reporting on action items requiring discussion and or decisions by NYSRA Policy Committee to the NYSRA Board;

  • Convene Work Teams as necessary;

  • Facilitate review at the member level of State and Federal program and budget priorities.

If a topic needs additional action including comments to the State Agencies or further action in the Legislature, a Work Team is developed from council participants. 


Work Teams

Work Teams are convened when a topic from a Council meeting needs further discussion or action. Invitations to join a topic specific work team are sent to Council participants.