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Transformation 2.0 is the natural evolution of the NYSRA Transformation Project and funded through the original OPWDD-issued Balancing Incentive Program grant.  Originally designed to provide intensive technical assistance to the 12 NYSRA member agencies, the NYSRA Transformation Project has now been approved by OPWDD to exand its scope and offer enhanced technical assistance for all New York State agencies that provide employment supports to individuals with developmental disabilities.

Through Transformation 2.0, organizations will be able to access the tools and resources they need to revise the employment narratives for people with disabilities into stories of career success. Simultaneously providers will be able to develop new narratives for themselves as they explore different ways of offering employment supports and reasonable accommodations, assuring fiscal sustainability, and developing strategic business partnerships.

Providers who choose to continue their individual transformation journeys will be able to access additional and more intensive supports that target the unique strengths, challenges, and mission goals of each organization.


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Through Transformation 2.0, NYSRA is providing a plethora of resources to assist your agency in the process of transforming. Below are links to the resources.


Providers can use this tool to explore areas of their organization's strengths, challenges and vulnerabilities and target those areas where additional focus and training will be most useful. NYSRA will provide one link to access the tool per agency.

To receive access to the tool, click here. Include T2.0 Assessment Tool in Subject Line and name of Contact Person in body of email.



Beginning in March 2015, The NYSRA Transformation Project has presented a number of webinars on topics relating to the process of transforming. Recordings of these webinars are now available in addition to registration for upcoming webinars!



A list of helpful readings and web-based resources.



Jill Dorsi,
Project Director

518-449-2976 ext. 107


Nicole Dama,
Administrative Assistant
518-449-2976 ext. 102