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Sponsor Opportunities:

Platinum Sponsor: $6,000

Gold Sponsor: $4,000

Friend of NYSRA: $2,000

Promotional Sponsorship Opportunities:

Sponsored launch icon in Rehabilitation Summit Mobile App: $1,800

Rehabilitation Summit Mobile App Game Sponsorship: $1,500

Banner advertisement in Rehabilitation Summit Mobile App: $1,000

Exhibitor Fees:

Showcase your products and services to New York human services providers. Your company name, product and service description will appear in the official program and in the Summit Exhibitors Products and Services Guide which will be distributed to all conference attendees.*

Corporate/For-Profit Exhibitor: $650

Non-Profit Agency Exhibitor: $250

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*Deadline for Submission: September 7, 2017 - Information received after this date will not appear in printed materials.

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Learn More About Sponsor & Exhibitor Opportunities at the 2017 NYSRA Rehabilitation Summit

Summit 2017 offers exhibitors and sponsors the opportunity to engage with conference goers! NYSRA's Summit Mobile App gives exhibitors and sponsors greater exposure with placement of banner ads, push notifications and sponsored launch icons. Additionally, our interactive map allows conference goers to easily pinpoint exhibitor booth locations.

Exhibitors can also interact with conference goers by attending Summit sessions! 

By securing an exhibitor booth, you will receive (2) complimentary registrations for Summit sessions on Wednesday, September 27, 2017. 

Don't miss these great opportunities!

Advertise in the 2017 Conference Mobile App

In 2016, NYSRA introduced a Conference Mobile App for attendees to access conference materials more efficiently while on-site at the event.

Advertisement Options in the Mobile App:

Organization Launch Icon: If your organization has a lot of content to share, this opportunity allows you to add your logo and organization name at the top of the other launch icons located on the main navigation screen of the app. The launch icon is a direct link to information about your organization.

The launch icon can be linked to your organizations webpage or a personalized organization page built into the app which can house any kind of information including products, services, booth information, contact information, pictures and more.

Rehabilitation Summit App Game Sponsorship: This exclusive oppotunity offers one organization to be featured as the sponsor of the Summit App Game. Attendees using the mobile app are asked to explore the app including tapping on a certain number of organizations, banners and icons and sharing information on the social media platform to gain points. At a certain point during the conference, the attendee with the most points at the top of the Leaderborad (available for viewing in the app) will receive a prize.

Banner Advertisement: This interactive rotating banner is located at the top of the main menu screen. As users are browsing the app, this ad gets a lot of screen time! 

This type of advertisement is included in the Platinum and Gold Sponsorship packages as well as individually under Promotional Sponsorship.

Registration Links

Sponsors: Register Here

Exhibitors: Register Here

About the NYSRA Rehabilitation Summit

NYSRA’s Rehabilitation Summit offers community rehabilitation professionals in the developmental disabilities and behavioral healthcare fields opportunities to enrich their knowledgebase while exploring new and existing designs and service delivery models. Attendees are able to network and share experiences. The Rehabilitation Summit equips attendees with the right tools and resources to move their agencies towards enhanced quality service outcomes.


The New York State Rehabilitation Association (NYSRA) is a statewide provider association representing human service organizations across all disability sectors. Our Mission is to advocate for and support communities that effectively foster opportunities for independence, inclusion, employment and life-enrichment for individuals with disabilities.