Who We Are

The New York State Rehabilitation Association (NYSRA) is a statewide 501 (c) (6) organization representing rehabilitation providers who advocate on behalf of individuals with differing abilities and the agencies who serve them.

Our community providers offer a full spectrum of services to people throughout New York State, including individuals with developmental disabilities, behavioral health, deaf and hearing impaired, and vision disabilities, in addition to addictions, traumatic brain injuries and veteran services. Collectively, NYSRA's member agencies are instrumental in assisting individuals toward full integration into the community demonstrating a rich history in promoting employment opportunities for individuals.

NYSRA is distinguished as a strong and diverse association that represents members across the rehabilitation spectrum. We are also a valuable resource for families who inquire about referrals to our vast network of community service agencies. NYSRA prides itself on our collective diversity through which our member agencies foster person-centered planning, self-determination, consumer choice, empowerment, and integration. These are the principles through which our member agencies operate, to provide options and opportunities for people with disabilities to live and successfully work in the community.

NYSRA members have an added complement of research, technical support and training activities offered through our allied corporation, the Rehabilitation Research and Training Institute (RRTI). RRTI is dedicated to promoting knowledge exchange activities as a convener, catalyst and clearinghouse for the field, and is a vital resource in supporting and understanding the changes in the field. Learn more about (RRTI).