Minimum Wage Testimony

NYS Senate Hearing on $15 Minimum Wage Proposal


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Resource Explosion Event

Resource Explosion #1: Tools for Practice: Strengths-Based Assessment as a Framework for Planning PowerPoint Presentation

Person-centered approaches are the cornerstones for self-determination and career success. Using a strengths-based model called a Framework for Planning©, Carol Blessing, LMSW of the Yang-Tan Institute at Cornell University, will guide participants throug

Resource Explosion #2: Tools for Human Resources Management: A Roadmap for Integrating Volunteers, Interns, Contractors, and Other Arrangements in Your Business

It's a new and exciting employment landscape! Everyone is eager to begin partnering with people to discover their career paths but do we fully understand how Human Resource Management fits into this new world? As a practitioner, your awareness of human re

Resource Explosion #3: Trusting the Process: Stages of Change, Organizational Environment, and the 'Medicaid Matrix'

Is your organization ready for change? Did it start to transform in a big way and then suddenly seem to change direction or even halt entirely? Organizations, like individuals, encounter change as a process that does not necessarily move forward in a clea