Membership Types

Agency (click to apply): For community-based organizations that provide rehabilitation services to individuals with disabilities facing multiple barriers.

Allied Organization (click to apply): For organizations that desire to support the work of NYSRA and whose objectives complement those of the Association.

Allied Individual (click to apply): For persons in the rehabilitation field who desire to support the work of NYSRA. Individuals employed by an organization eligible for agency, allied organization or business partner membership are not eligible for allied individual membership.

Business Partner (click to apply): For business (for-profit) organizations engaged in supplying products or services to community rehabilitation entities.

Agency Member Dues

Agency Total Annual Salaries NYSRA Dues
 $0-80,000 $420
 $80,001-240,000 $905
 $240,001-400,000 $1,555
 $400,001-700,000 $2,185
 $700,001-1,000,000 $2,820
 $1,000,001-2,000,000 $3,455
 $2,000,001-3,000,000 $4,085
 $3,000,001-4,000,000 $4,715
 $4,000,001-5,000,000 $5,215
 $5,000,001-6,000,000 $5,710
 $6,000,001-7,000,000 $6,195
 $7,000,001-8,000,000 $6,680
 $8,000,001-10,000,000 $7,865
 $10,000,001-12,000,000 $10,200
 $12,000,001-Up $12,540


*Dues are based on the total of salaries only, paid by the agency as reported on your most recent CFR-2 and CFR-4 schedules. Step 1 in calculating dues: Refer to Column 1, Cost Code 31999 of the CFR-2. Subtract Column 5, Cost Code 31999 (SED) from your column 1 Total. Step 2: Use your Agency’s CFR-4 to add salaries for all adult VESID programs to the total in Step 1. Step 3: Use your grand total against the dues amount listed above to select your dues amount. If your agency does not use a CFR, please use your total agency operations to compare against the dues amount listed above.

Allied Group Member Dues

Dues for Allied Group Members is $800

Allied Individual Member Dues

Dues for Allied Individual Members is $115

Business Partner Member Dues

Platinum Dues $1,800
Gold Dues $1,250
Silver Dues $925


Member Services and Benefits