Integrity, credibility, respect, collegiality, innovation and excellence are our core values in providing NYSRA Members exceptional member services. We put you first because we believe in your mission. Become a NYSRA Member and begin receiving exceptional services for your organization’s interest, those of people with disabilities and their families. 



Membership Benefits:

Budget and Policy Advocacy

Effective advocacy on budget and policy matters are a hallmark of NYSRA member services. NYSRA’s expertise in influencing policy makers within the Executive and Legislative branches of NYS Government is complemented by its professional team of esteemed lobbyists working throughout the year on issues at the NYS Capitol. Additionally, through our national affiliated organization, ACCSES, NYSRA maintains a strong presence on issues of importance to members under consideration at the Federal level.

Conferences, Summits and Policy Institutes

Members have access to information exchange forums throughout the year where networking opportunities abound and experts gather for dialogue on initiatives.  Conferences, Summits and Policy Institutes are a platform to hear first-hand from policy makers and strategize with NYSRA. 


NYSRA offers its member organizations on-site consultation with Pat Dowse, Chief Operating Officer.

Colleague Would Like to Know

An electronic forum where members can anonymously pose questions to colleague organizations within the NYSRA membership and receive responses, information, and resources. This often involves inquiries regarding promising practices and procedures, which is then posted to NYSRA’s website as a resource for all members.


An e-publication used to provide greater detail and timely analysis on specific issues of particular interest to association members.

NYSRA Would Like to Know

An electronic advocacy tool where NYSRA survey members on issues affecting delivery of services in order to provide information that helps NYSRA influence public policies and practices.

CEO Webinar Briefing

Monthly webinar briefings for the leadership of NYSRA member organizations, providing a direct connection for dialogue with other leaders and insight from NYSRA President & CEO Michael Seereiter.

Friday Focus

A weekly e-news brief on activity in disability policy areas.

Announcements and Events

An e-news communication to keep members informed of upcoming opportunities for technical assistance, training, etc.

Technical Assistance Webinars

Technical Assistance webinars introduce, inform, update and discuss best practices on regulations and programmatic issues affecting day to day operations.

Business Partner Member Products & Services

Members have access to superior products and services from vendors supporting the mission of member organizations and adept to organizational needs of non-profit organizations.

Member Services and Benefits 

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