WEBINAR: Employee or No? How the IRS Determines Employment Status of Individuals with Disabilities

November 02, 2017
3:00 PM EDT to 4:00 PM EDT
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Employee or No?  How the IRS Determines Employment Status of Individuals with Disabilities

Presented by: Joanmarie Dowling, Partner for Dowling Law, PLLC

Many organizations providing rehabilitative services have grappled with whether (and when) individuals should be classified as employees. The IRS has issued a number of determination letters that outline the factors they will consider when making a determination as to employment status.  This presentation will help attendees with their own agency policies/strategies on this issue by:

  • Discussing IRS private letter rulings and what they do - and don’t do;
  • Identifying key factors that the IRS uses to assess employment status;
  • Reviewing the categories or “classes” of workers that the IRS has outlined in guidance documents;
  • Comparing IRS determinations with rules applied by other agencies; and
  • Outlining some of the key benefits and challenges of classifying individuals as non-employees.


We hope that you will join us as we discuss this very important issue affecting rehabilitation agencies across New York State!



PLEASE NOTE: This informational webinar is for NYSRA members only. If you are interested in joining the discussion and are not currently a NYSRA member, please consider becoming a NYSRA member and contact Jennifer Ivery at jennifer@nyrehab.org or 518-449-2976 for more information!