Transformation 2.0 Webinar: Person-Centered Planning and Shared Decision Making Techniques

September 28, 2016
12:00 PM EDT to 1:30 PM EDT
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Person-Centered Planning and Shared Decision Making Techniques

Shaileen Brighton-Ortiz and Carrie O'Connell of Ability Beyond will discuss person-centered planning and shared decision making techniques which became essential tools in the agency's journey of cultural change. Individuals were supported to make informed choices around employment goals and interests, manage concerns and fears around change, and implement concrete ways to maintain existing social relationships while welcoming new friendships.sformation Assessment tool developed by Coordinated Care Services, Inc (CCSI) and NYSRA, each provider will be able to explore areas of the organization's strengths, challenges and vulnerabilities and target those areas where additional focus and training will be most useful.

Providers will also be able to work directly with CCSI to discuss results of their Employment Supports Transformation Assessment.

 Individual interpretations of tool results will identify additional training needs and resources that will be most useful in moving the agency forward to complete the OPWDD Proposal and develop new ways of doing business.